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Design Home Cheats - Best Way To Get Diamonds


Are you from the one that keeps their interest in designing the homes? If yes, then you can’t find the best game then the Design Home. It is a game that offers you an opportunity to give a makeover to several rooms.

The main goal of the game is to design the interiors of the game to make your name entered in the list of the best ones. It not only it but you can also vote on the submitted designs of the other players. Same goes for you, try creating lively designs that inspires the other players and they also vote your design.


Place the desired pieces of furniture here that you think will go well with the color theme of the rooms. But to purchase the infrastructure, you will require enough amounts of funds in the game so that you can go for the things you like. If you are not good at collecting the funds, then it is better to opt for the Design Home cheats right from the start. Thereby you will not get stuck at any moment because of the credits.

Now that we are talking about the funds in the game, then why not discuss all of them here to get to know about them a little more.

In-game credits

There are several funds in the game that the players need to keep the management of. These funds are the keys, diamonds, cash, and stars. These are an indispensable part of the game around which the whole game revolves around. To obtain these credits in the game faster, here are a few tips that you can follow:

Daily challenges

There are a few challenges that get updated daily in the game. These daily challenges are a good source of obtaining enough amounts of funds to play the game. The challenges consist of multiple levels that reward you with different pieces of currencies.

 Promotional stuff

When you don’t find any of these ways useful for you to provide you with enough amounts of funds, then the promotional pieces of stuff are the alternatives. You can watch the promotional video ads that are in the game. 


Certain events are organized in the game participating in which you can obtain the right amount of funds.

Exchanging them with money

The other alternative to get a liberal amount of the credits is to exchange them with real life money.

When you collect a generous amount of funds, you can spend them on purchasing and unlocking new stuff in the game to make your design even more breathtaking.

Apart from all of these, if you are not interested in racking your brains into all the above stuff, then it is better to make the use of the Design Home hack and catch hold of an unlimited amount of currencies.


  • To make faster progress in the game below some tips are reiterated below to help you through the gameplay:
  • In the very start of the game, you will be offered many free items that you can use to design the home. It is suggested to take these items even if they don’t fit in the aura of your style, as you don’t know when they can be useful further.
  • Make little purchases at one time, so that you don’t run out of cash. However, if you want to go mad at shopping the stuff, then it is better that you first make the use of the Design Home Cheats.
  • Purchase only those things that you can use with multiple themes because some pieces of stuff only look cool when you first see them but don’t fit with the many of the themes. Therefore, make your choices wisely so that the items don’t remain unused there in your inventory.

So, it was all that was important for you to get the overview of the game. Therefore, hurry up, download the game from the app store and put your creative side to the test here.